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The third largest bank holding company in Tennessee, with 48 community banking centers and total assets of approximately $1.7-billion.


One of the biggest challenges for financial institutions is the ongoing problem of delinquent Demand Deposit Accounts (DDAs). These are the result of overdrafts on consumers’ checking and savings accounts. When TekCollect approached one of the community banks within the holding company, it had been employing a simple letter series to follow up on DDAs. If no results were generated within six months to a year, the bank would place the accounts with a contingent agency. But every step of the process was conducted manually. There was no electronic means for placing and monitoring accounts or reporting them to ChexSystems. So a great deal of internal energy and expense were required. With such a costly process, accounts fell through the cracks. And results were negligible.


TekCollect revolutionized the way the bank was conducting its accounts receivable management. The ability to place accounts online, monitor each step in the debtor communication process, and access account summary reports daily, relieved an enormous amount of internal responsibility, time and costs.

By making it easy and economical to place accounts early in the delinquency cycle, TekCollect could also generate optimal recovery results. The collectability of small balances, which are the majority of DDAs, deteriorates rapidly. So we encouraged the bank to submit at 45 days. As a result, we’ve recovered 40% of their accounts at an average 6.9% cost to collect, during the time we’ve partnered.

Additionally, TekCollect assumed the responsibility of reporting to ChexSystems. After the bank submits an account, we automatically upload it to ChexSystems so they can place the debtor on negative file. These reports are accessible to the bank, with the click of a button.

TekCollect now services the entire holding company. We’ve implemented a proprietary Account Manager System online so that any branch manager can view their institution’s stats, and the president of the holding company can view the stats of the organization as a whole.

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