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One of the nation’s largest commercial and residential pest management companies.


The company offers inspections and ongoing pest treatment plans to a diverse clientele, from offices and schools to private residences. As with any business, not all customers pay their bills. However, since contracts were in place, the company would continue to provide services until the second payment was missed. They had no internal processes in place for slow-pays, and would submit delinquencies over 90 days past due to a conventional agency at a rate of 35%.

The company was seeing a recovery ratio of just 11% on residential accounts and 17% on commercial. With such low results, they were giving their services away and cutting into their profit margin significantly.


TekCollect recommended the company employ a billing service to follow up on standard slow-pays, so they could focus their internal efforts on marketing, sales and providing superior pest control services.

We implemented a custom level of collection service to address the company’s accounts earlier in the delinquency cycle when they are most collectable. They began placing at 60 days, enabling us to get involved before contracts went unpaid and ended. By doing so, we’ve been able to work with their clients to get accounts current and continue the business relationships.

Since implementing our service in 2005, they’ve placed 9,000 accounts with us. In that time, we’ve reduced their average Days Sales Outstanding (the number of days from the point of service until payment) from 58 to 28. We’ve reduced the company’s average churn rate by 22%. And we’ve consistently delivered an annual recovery ratio of 96% on both residential and commercial accounts.

Furthermore, because the company adds a collection fee, their debtors not only pay for TekCollect’s service, but the company gains an additional profit over and above their recovered monies.

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